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       Rep Dunk are a shoe category launched by the world's No. 1 sports brand nike. The design of Nike sneakers conforms to the principles of human kinematics, which makes the feet feel better, more comfortable and convenient when exercising. The biggest feature and feature of Nike sneakers is the Nike hook logo on the side of the shoe.

  How about Replica Dunks?

  Replica Dunks are not only popular among consumers because of the quality and style of the shoes, but also the meaning of the Replica Dunks brand logo is very romantic!! The name NIKE is very auspicious in the eyes of Westerners, and easy to use. Easy to read and easy to remember. The Nike logo symbolizes the feathers on the wings of the Greek goddess of victory, representing speed, but also movement and gentleness. Nike's Nike logo, the pattern is a small hook, the shape is simple and powerful, and it is as fast as lightning. The first sneaker named after "Best Nike", the sole has square bumps to enhance stability, and there are knife-shaped hooks on both sides of the shoe body, symbolizing the wings of the goddess. One of the reasons is that the Nike logo is more popular because it looks good and has a good meaning!

  Several series and design ideas of Best NIKE basketball shoes

  FORCE Thunder Department:

  A collection that started with Air Force 1. In terms of appearance design, it emphasizes the rough, bold and powerful style; in terms of performance, it has excellent cushioning ability and protection performance, but it is relatively heavy and suitable for interior players, especially players with strong and tough style of play. The FORCE department went downhill for a while after the launch of its peak work, Total Best nike Air Foamposite Max. Its market share was almost eaten up by the FLIGHT and UPTEMPO series, and only one or two tasteless shoes could be launched occasionally. However, in recent years, with the re-engraving of high-end classic FORCE shoes such as Total Air Foamposite Max, Air Max2 CB and Air Max 180, and the launch of several new flagship products covering the mid- and low-end markets in early 2005, FORCE seems to be making a comeback. Whether it can be "thunder eternal", we will wait and see. So all along, Best Nike Shoes has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development and research of new products. Nike's pioneering air-cushion technology revolutionized the sports world.

  FLIGHT style:

  Since we say FORCE, we have to say FLIGHT. FLIGHT, the word that means "flight, speeding" in English, has become a synonym for "light, fast and sensitive" in the field of sneakers, while in China, the majority of shoe fans translate it into "wind", Replica Dunks is appropriate and rich. Mysterious color. FLIGHT sneakers are designed for outside players, and most of them have a light and avant-garde appearance. In terms of performance, FLIGHT focuses on acceleration, direction change, bounce, etc. Using the explosive air cushion of Zoom Air, it can maximize the performance. To ensure that the player's mobility is not lost. The popularity of Best Nike Air Jordan has brought shoes into an era where full-back shoes dominate the world. It can be said that this has greatly promoted the development of FLIGHT, and has endured since its launch. The most classic representative of the FLIGHT series is the Flightposite series, which have the same Chinese name as the entire FLIGHT series: wind.

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