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        The Reps Dunks Connects Generations of Running Innovation. October 29, 2020 - Debuted in January 2020, during sacai's Paris runway show, the Nike x sacai VaporWaffle bridges old and new by fusing two Nike silhouettes: the record-breaking Vaporfly and the 1983 Pegasus running shoe.

  Two in one! Replica Nike LD Waffle Sacai Shoes

  Japanese designer Chitose Abe's own brand Sacai showed the latest Sacai and Replica Nike LD Waffle collaboration shoes for the first time at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week show, in addition to its own new clothing , This pair of maverick shoes also attracted the attention of the majority of shoe fans.

  Sacai is an independent fashion brand founded by Abe Chidose in 1999. The name Sacai is also a variant of the middle name Sakai of Abe Chidose. Before Best nike shoes was founded, Abe worked with fashion icon Rei Kawakubo at Commedes Garçons, which also brought her attention to avant-garde clothing that defied fashion norms, and was when her design philosophy was formed in the early days.

  The design concept of Replica Nike LD Waffle Sacai Shoes

  The design concept of Chitose Abe's brand is more like a deviant, not following the existing rules and principles, trying to find a balance between deviance and function. This is also fully reflected in Sacai's clothing works. Abe Chitose is good at finding what he appreciates and likes from different clothing and fabrics to piece together and design new feelings and tastes, cutting two pieces of clothing. Spliced ​​into one piece, creating an effect of one plus one greater than two.

  Going back to the protagonist of this time, Reps Dunks , from the name, it can be seen that Sacai used two pairs of Nike's classic shoes, combined into one.

  Double tongue, one layer is printed with the Best Nike logo and made in China, and the other layer is the logo of nike and Sacai.

  In general, the appearance and color matching of this pair of shoes are different from the current hot sneaker market. Now that Yeezy and AJ are popular, Sacai combines two pairs of super retro shoes into one, bringing more design styles and freshness to the sneaker market. blood.

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