Fake Dunk

Fake Dunk Shoes: Best Dunk Reps Website

Which one feels better, Reps Air Jordan or Fake Dunk?

In terms of appearance and color matching alone, both of these shoes are pretty good. If it is a low-top shoe, Fake Dunk is the first choice. Dunk low-tops look better than AJ1 low-tops. In addition, if you just look at the foot feel, Fake Dunk is also the first choice. AJ’s forefoot is a bit narrow and uncomfortable, so Fake Dunk is slightly looser.

How to distinguish between Air Jordan or Fake Dunk?

The technological content is different: Fake Dunk is a skateboard shoe, the sole is slightly wider, the tongue and upper are thickened, and the overall width is wider. The insole is a cushioning insole with a zoom air cushion embedded in the back palm, which has better protective cushioning. Aj's technology only has sole cushioning air cushion.

The origin history is different: aj comes from af1, while the design prototype of Fake Dunk is aj1.

The two pairs of shoes have different positioning: Dunk sb is a pair of real skateboard shoes made for skateboarders; while aj is a basketball shoe.

Shoe types are different: In terms of shoe shape, aj is more slender, while Fake Dunk has various styles and has a sense of design. AJ1 is also more streamlined overall.

In terms of appearance and configuration, the Fake Dunk has a thicker tongue, thicker laces, perforated shoelace details on both sides of the upper that can be turned out, and is equipped with a heel Zoom air cushion. The aj version is more slender, with the upper decorated with the Flying Wings logo and equipped with three-quarters of the Air Sole air cushion.

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