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 Best Yeezy 450 shoe upper still uses woven socks upper with exaggerated zigzag midsole design. Kanye West and Adidas’s Best Yeezy shoes have always strayed from the path most traveled when it comes to sneaker designs. When the outrageous Replica Yeezy 450 — and its accompanying Slide — debuted in 2021, it opened the door to meme after meme because of its resemblance to Chinese dumplings and Mexican chicharrón snacks.

  Everyone's Curious Yeezy 450 Full Series Exposure

  Recently, the overseas sneaker exposure account py_rates_ has exposed information about the new Yeezy 450 series.

  The closest to the release date is the Best YEEZY 450 Slide slippers series.

  The shape of the entire slippers, like the skeleton extracted from the Best Yeezy 450, is hollow and abstract.

  In particular, the outline of the outsole is an exaggerated corrugated shape, and the thick lines should have good slip resistance. The physical spy photos still use the previously released one, and it seems that the design plan is basically locked.

    Best Yeezy 450 Features

  The Best Yeezy 450 has a more avant-garde style. It is based on elongated sock overshoes. It adds a massive and striking EVA serrated outsole. It covers the upper in a claw shape. With the height of the thick bottom, it really looks like a volcano. But unfortunately, this shoe is not equipped with Best YEEZY iconic boost midsole, but uses EVA material. The Yeezy 450, which has lost its technical advantages, may not be as applauded and popular as its predecessors, but the avant-garde styling can still attract some enthusiasts.

  The best adidas Best Yeezy 450 is made with a mesh upper and a unique lacing system. The white outsole of the whole pair of shoes is like the teeth of a beast, just wrapping the shoe body. Notably, it has no Boost or adiPRENE cushioning. It also features a woven upper with an exaggerated serrated midsole. The unique upturned structure reminds everyone of a bun or a volcano. From the current point of view, the midsole does not seem to use Adidas cushioning technology such as Boost. This is the most unique Best Replica Yeezy shoe ever made.

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