Best Adidas shoes was founded in 1949 and is a member company of Adidas AG, a German sports goods manufacturer. Best Adidas (Adidas) was founded in 1949 and is a member company of Monica sneakers Adidas AG, a German sports goods manufacturer. Named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, footwear production began in Herzogenaurach in 1920. Registered under the name adidas AG on August 18, 1949. ... which includes BCI members Burberry, Adidas, Nike, New Balance and more.

   The difference between Best Adidas Shamrock and Best Adidas shoes

  The sports performance series is dedicated to the cause of popular sports, and its positioning is the popular sports trend. It adopts the ADI three-stripe logo and the price is easier for the public to accept.

       Best Adidas shoes is divided into three series, namely: sports performance series (three stripes logo), sports traditional series (clover logo), sports fashion series (ball with three stripes logo).

  The sports traditional series is a classic series of Best Adidas shoes, and its positioning is a retro classic trend, which is more fashionable and high-end than the sports performance series. The sports traditional series adopts the Adi clover logo (also the logo of Adi earlier), because most of the products launched in this series are limited products, so the price is more acceptable for middle and high-income groups.

   1. Top series Best adidas Ultra Boost:

  As the top shoe of Best Adidas boost, ub has been upgraded to 4.0. The main changes are adjusted on the Primeknit upper. 2.0 began to upgrade the horse brand, which is more wear-resistant and has an integrated tongue design.

  (1) Best Adidas shoes Ultra Boost ST: Compared with ub, the main difference between ub st is the design of the inner support strip. For runners with severe varus, it increases the support and stability, and the traditional shoe tongue design.

  (2) Ultra Boost uncaged: Best Adidas shoes difference from ub is mainly in the design of the shoe upper sock cover, the tpu piece on the side is cancelled, and the appearance is more trendy.

  (3) Best Adidas Ultra Boost X: Exclusive shoe for female users, the midfoot part is hollowed out, which greatly increases the wrapping of female runners' feet.

  (4) Energy Boost: As the first boost running shoe, the design and upper materials of Energy Boost are different from the above models, which are closer to traditional running shoes. I have seen the disassembly video, and it is not a full-length boost. Toe, not boost.

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