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     Best Adidas Ultra Boost equipped with Boost technology. Adidas Primeknit wrapped vamp with midfoot and heel pieces. With rubber outsole. Best Adidas introduced the Boost material in 2013, a material that is stretchy, responsive and durable to revolutionize cushioning in running shoes. The Monica sneaker Ultra Boost collection was the first to feature new technology, and the shoe quickly became a streetwear icon.

  Why is Best adidas ultra boost called "the strongest running shoe"?

  When adidas first introduced the incredible Boost technology in 2013, many thought that what looked like cheap Styrofoam was just a gimmick from Best adidas shoes. But when Dennis Kimetto wore the Adios Boost2 with the Boost midsole to bring the human marathon record to the 2:03 mark more than a year later, all the doubts disappeared.

  The raised toe cap makes the shoe body of Ultra Boost have a perfect arc, and at the same time, it is more in line with the efficiency and response of the runner's forefoot to the ground, which increases the flexibility of running shoes to a certain extent.

  The heel and the mouth of the shoe are often overlooked in many running shoes, and Ultra Boost has carried out a unique treatment in these places.

  The Best Adidas shoes Ultra Boost sole fully integrates the Torsion System, which was originally placed under the midsole, into the Boost midsole.

  A pair of real best running shoes is obviously not the fastest pair, but the pair that can make more people go faster, Ultra Boost will be such a pair.

  Why is Best Adidas Boost shoes hot?

  As one of the most popular sports brands in the world, Adidas' sports equipment is not weaker than NIKE's. Compared with NIKE's fashion Adidas, the professional subdivision is more clear, and the demarcation line between professional and fashion is also very clear. In the case of the same price, Best Adidas is generally more cost-effective than Nike. Especially after Adidas launched a new midsole material boost and resolutely applied this material to all its shoe models, its technology and brand characteristics became more and more clear.

  But since its inception, more and more people have fallen into the pit of Adidas... In 2014, Kenyan Kimetto won the gold medal of the Berlin Marathon wearing it, and also set a record of 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds. He was wearing the Best adidas shoes Boost 2 running shoes with the Boost midsole. Adidas AdidasBoost running shoes have since become champion running shoes.

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