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       The design of the Replica Jordan 11 is inspired by the shell of the lawn mower, and the sole air cushion is used to improve the performance of the court. The replica jordans is an AJ basketball shoe designed and produced by Jordan Company, released in 1996. Inspired by the lawn mower shell, this sneaker features a sole air cushion for better performance on the court.

   Features of the Replica Air jordan 11 basketball shoes

  Jordan11 was launched in 1995. The 11th generation is not only the masterpiece of the Replica Jordan series, but also has a profound impact on the entire Best Nike basketball shoes and the entire basketball shoe industry. The 11th generation made a breakthrough in using patent leather as the upper material, making it a special symbol of high-end basketball shoes since then. At the same time, the full-length built-in air cushion technology is used for the first time, and the full-length carbon fiber support plate is used in the midsole, so that the entire pair of shoes has reached the level of shock absorption.

  The built-in air cushion may be too soft for interior players, but for big defenders and small forwards, this kind of shock absorber is just right, the comfort and quick response are not inferior to any pair of shoes with full-length zoom technology. The outsole is made of crystal rubber compressed from synthetic rubber, and the whole bottom is transparent. The development of Replica Jordan 11 for the Jordan series, and even the entire basketball shoes, is not just as simple as a classic. We can think that the 11th generation is a watershed between old basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes. It is the most important milestone in the development history of basketball shoes.

   In those years, we chased together - Best Replica Air Jordan 11

  At the end of the 1994-1995 season, on March 18, 1995, Jordan announced his return to the game with "I'm Back", which excited the entire Chicago and NBA leagues. The American media even commented that "Jordan's comeback influence is comparable to the Gulf. war".

  The mayor of Chicago said in a televised speech: "This is a good news for Chicago, and the city has become the most attractive tourist city in the world." $2.3 billion.

  At this time, the No. 23 jersey has been hung high above the Bulls' home field.

  According to the relevant regulations of the league, Replica Jordan can only change the number and choose the number 45 that his brother once wore.

  Even after playing baseball for two years, Jordan is still the basketball god!

  He still led the team to the playoffs, the Eastern Conference semifinals, when in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Magic team led by Shaquille O'Neal and Hardaway, Replica Air Jordan put on his 11th generation signature shoes - the Air Jordan 11 in white and black. .

  At that time, no one knew that this was the Air Jordan 11, and since Jordan's back number was still "45" at that time, the number 45 was embroidered with white thread on the heel of the BestJordan 11 at that time, which was also the first time for AJ11. appear in front of the world.

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