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        Replica Nike Air Max has always been known for its visible air cushion. Nike Air Max brought bold colors to running shoes, and the Visible Air Cushion, introduced in 1987, made the invisible visible. Twenty-six years later, Nike's emphasis on design features for visibility has propelled the new Replica Air Max Glow collection.

  Features of the Replica Nike Air Max series.

  The biggest feature of the Air Max series of shoes is that the back of the foot or the full-length window-type air cushion, the air cushion of this shoe is very large, so the elasticity, shock absorption and comfort provided are very good, and it is very comfortable to wear. Comfortable. But this kind of shoes, especially full-length shoes, because its air cushion occupies a lot of height, so its heel wear-resistant rubber is only a little bit, to put it bluntly, this kind of shoe is not wear-resistant.

  The Replica Nike Air Max 90 was launched in 1990. It comes from the Nike Air Max series. It is improved on the basis of the Air Max 1. The air cushion area is increased, and the appearance is more streamlined. The most special thing is the addition of diamond-patterned plastic inserts. board, adding a lot of trendy flair to the Best Air Max 90. A leather upper for durability and support, Max Air cushioning with a foam midsole for lightness and comfort, and a waffle rubber outsole for exceptional grip.

  The Replica Air Max 90 is not only a pair of running shoes, it has successfully spanned the evolution of time and has become one of the most well-known shoes in the sneaker culture and trend circle. The Best Nike Air Max 90 is more than a pair of running shoes, it has become an art.

  The streamlined shape design of Air Max 97, coupled with 3M's reflective design, and an identity full of stories and topics. Let this pair of shoes return to the front of the trend and become the favorite of fashionistas. The major stars have performed on the upper body. Too advanced designs were not appreciated in those days. Then it is undoubtedly the streamlined design of the Air Max 97. The Best Air Max 97 with a slightly advanced design is said to be inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen train. The speed and streamline of the Japanese Shinkansen are indeed the same as the Air Max 97. The alias of "bullet" also comes from "bullet train.

  Of course, there is another saying. It is said that Christian Tresser, the designer of 97 at the time, liked the pure and thorough industrial texture of mountain bikes very much, so he designed this pair of Replica Nike Air Max 97 after imitating mountain bikes.

  So which one do you like?

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