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      In the hot summer, you can't live without a pair of slippers paired with Yeezy Slide Reps coconut slippers'

      Summer is coming soon, and everyone has been sending me private messages backstage asking for some cool slippers.

      So in this issue, I keep up with the rhythm of the seasons and share with you a pair of Yeezy Slide Reps that eliminate the need to put on socks.

      Last year’s hot shoe model, a certain drug sold for thousands as soon as it was put on the shelves.But I really feel that at this price it’s not necessary!A pair of Yeezy Slide Reps with no details or special features is more expensive than some shoes. 

      Personally, I can only advise you to calm down. You can decide how to rush after I explain the details! Without talking about anything else, let’s talk about the features of this model first. This main design is simple and high-street, continuing the consistent style of the Yeezy series.

      The overall shape is round and thick, and the wide upper structure with exposed toe.The rubber midsole is equipped with a zigzag-shaped outsole, which is thick and versatile.Gives people a very comfortable feeling

       To be honest, the Yeezy Slide Reps have been said to be ugly since last year. But when you get the real thing, you can’t escape the law of true fragrance! The large size of the shoe will make your feet appear smaller, and it will make your feet look smaller when worn together when going out.

       In addition, if you take a full-body photo with your ankles exposed and the side is exposed, your legs will be particularly long and slender.

       Yeezy Slide Reps is very comfortable after putting it on. The softness and hardness of the material are adjusted very appropriately. It's not stiff, but it's not squishy either.

       The entire shoe body is made of one-piece EVA foam. The Yeezy Slide Reps body is not only wear-resistant, but also very compact. It looks very good when worn and feels very good when worn. It is soft and comfortable. The sawtooth shape of the sole also acts as an anti-slip Functional and at the same time very trendy and fashionable. The shape of the shoe body is very smooth. From every angle, Yeezy Slide Reps is very unified and very integrated. Perhaps it is because of the sawtooth sole. The sole is very thick, about 5cm, which is suitable for shorter people. My friend is very friendly. It not only looks taller when worn, but also lengthens the legs.

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